Parmalat jobs available

Parmalat is one of the biggest companies in South Africa, Parmalat is a dairy and food corporation which is a subsidiary of a French multinational company it produces milk and dairy products, fruit juice, this company has decided to grow so that’s why they want to increase jobs opportunity, and also make so big change in the country by reducing the unemployment rate in the country this will help most people in South Africa because during this time majority of people lost they are jobs and also lost their home so this opportunity will be the best opportunity, Parmalat company is willing to hire more than 1000 people.

if you are also a student and you want to work you can also apply for a part-time position, is possible for young people to create there are future so if you really want to work at Parmalat you can also apply and start work if with or without qualification, also you want to do your internship you can also apply for Parmalat internships there are a lot of internships at Parmalat all you have to do is to apply for it

Parmalat is also offering bursaries if you want to apply for bursaries you can also apply for Parmalat bursaries all you need is to upload your ID, your parent’s ID , or your guardian ID and your grade 11 or 12 result or your university result that is all they want in order to accept your application


Here are the following requirement

  • Grade 10 and above
  • English
  • code 10 or 14
  • able to use computer
  •   willing to work overtime
  • have 1-year of experience

if you are interested in this job you can apply by uploading your CV also when you are apply choose the position that you are applying for  here are available position

  • General worker
  • Security grand
  • Office Admin
  • Marketing
  • Driver
  • packer and picker
  • cleaners
  • HR

if you are interested apply here now before the closing date Apply here