SALARY : R102 534 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE : Special Forces School (Pretoria) Murray Hill Wallmansthal.


ABET Level 1 – 4 (Grade 10 – 12 or equivalent). Special requirements (Skills needed): Ability to communicate effectively (verbal) in English, must be physically healthy. Perform Cleaning related duties in offices and other facilities determined by Supervisor (i.e. Sweep, vacuum, clean ablution facilities, kitchens and utensils, the workplace.


Performing physical tasks to maintain a high standard of neatness in gardens facilities and grounds by making sure groundsmen’s: Plant trees, flowers, shrubs, grass and other plants in gardens. Preparation of soil for the planting of plants. Maintenance of flower and other beds by fertilising, irrigating, weeding and pruning where necessary. The mowing of lawns and cutting of grass edges. The loading and unloading of a variety of articles needed on the grounds on/off trucks. The irrigation of lawns. Removing refusing from terrain and loading it on trucks for 19 transport to refuse dump. Keeping other structures on grounds clean and tidy (e barbeque facilities, parking areas, ditches and gutters). Maintaining fences. Practice pest control. Assist with preparation of grounds for functions. Check the serviceability of machinery and equipment. Reporting any defaults on the terrain to relevant Sections for action. Ensure safety awareness with the use of all equipment on all tasks.

ENQUIRIES : Lt J.Z. Mthembu Tel No: 012 529 1766 or WO2 R.S. Zibani Tel No: 012 529 1742

APPLICATIONS : Department of Defence, Special Forces School, Private Bag X6, Pretoria, 0001 NOTE : This post is being advertised in the DOD, broader public service.

CLOSING DATE : 03 May 2021

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