Cleaner and Admin Clerk Needed Urgently


Chief Directorate: Emergency and Clinical Services Support

SALARY : R104 073 per annum CENTRE: Forensic Pathology Service, Paarl Laboratory

REQUIREMENTS: Minimum requirements: Basic numeracy and literacy Experience Appropriate experience in cleaning the mortuary, hospital, or laboratory environments. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Ability to communicate in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape. Knowledge of and exposure to cleaning 156 environment, equipment, materials, and chemicals. Ability to work in the vicinity of corpses (mutilated, decomposed, infectious viruses, etc). No Criminal Record.

DUTIES: Effectively maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in the facility and surrounding grounds.

Apply occupational health and safety measures. Provide a clean, safe and hygienic environment in terms of standards and procedures to prevent injuries and the spread of infection which includes: sweeping, scrubbing, mopping of floors, dusting, polishing of floors and furniture, emptying bins daily, cleaning of windows, cleaning of offices, kitchen, dissection areas, trolleys, body pans, instruments, light shades, walls and all toilets, sluices, and drains.

Ensure that cleaning equipment e.g. polishing and scrubbing machines, mops, brooms, buckets, etc. are clean after usage and securely stored. Effectively use cleaning agents and stock as well as elementary stock control. Clean, wash and disinfect all official vehicles and equipment weekly or when requested so. Attend in-service training appropriate to service delivery and optimal support to supervisor and colleagues by establishing a hygienic environment.

ENQUIRIES : Ms. D Ontong Tel No: (021) 862-2047

APPLICATIONS: Forensic Pathology Service, Francie Van Zijl Avenue, Tygerberg P O Box 19071, Tygerberg, 7505, Tel No: +27 21 928-1505, fax: +27 21 928-1570


NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.


SALARY : R176 310 per annum (Level 05)

CENTRE : Department of the Premier, Western Cape Government

REQUIREMENTS : Senior Certificate (Grade 12 or equivalent qualification). Recommendation: Appropriate working experience; Working knowledge and appropriate experience in the following: Logistic Information System (LOGIS) or similar; Basic Accounting System (BAS) or similar. Competencies: Knowledge and understanding of the following: Office administration; Basic Accounting System (BAS), LOGIS procurement system; Contract administration, Planning and organisational skills; Problem solving, co-ordination and prioritising; Proven computer literacy in using MS Office package (Word, Excel, Power-point, Outlook); Communication (written and verbal) skills.

DUTIES : Handle provisioning and procurement of goods and services: Travelling, accommodation, competency assessment arrangements, request quotations for goods and/or services; Complete procurement documents; Capture requisitions on LOGIS; Follow up orders for goods and/or services; Prepare and follow up procurement documents for payment; Complete BAS payment forms for sundry payments; Render general administrative support, i.e. Responsible for logistical catering arrangements and venue hire; Drafting submissions, memorandums, letters and general correspondence; Perform contract administration; Ensure that the financial resources and assets are utilised effectively and economically; Processes all invoices for payment and claim backs.

The processing of S & T 158 Claims and BAS Payments (cell phone/parking/legal fees); Facilitate the payment of telephone bills and the distribution of pay slips to staff; Coordinate accommodation/ maintenance requirements; Assist with the issuing of petty cash and capturing information onto the petty cash control register; Assist with stock and stationery out of the storeroom; Assist with the controlling stock levels in the storeroom; Provide support service as secretariat at the Quotation, Specifications and Evaluation committee meetings of the Chief Directorate; Assist with the budget administration; Update and capture expenditure and revenue information on excel spreadsheets; In-year Monitoring of budget.

ENQUIRIES : Mr P Kalp at Tel No: (021) 483 3490

APPLICATIONS : Only applications submitted online will be accepted. To apply submit your application online only: via or