SRD Sassa R350 Grant | How to Update Your Details

Sassa R350 Grant | How to Update Your Details

Do you want to update your details on the SRD system? Maybe you have lost your SIM card and no longer accessing your old number. Here are the steps to follow to update your details for the Sassa R350 Grant.

What options do you have?

You can call the Sassa toll free number provided, contact Sassa via email, or use the Sassa SRD website.

For beneficiaries can change the cell phone number used by using one of the following channels:

Sassa Tall Free Call Centre

Call SASSA Toll Free Call centre on: 0800 60 10 11

Contact Sassa Via Email

You may also use the email channel to contact Sassa in order to change your mobile number or other details. The email address is

The SRD Website

Another option is to use the SASSA SRD website which is

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Steps to follow on the SRD website

Step 1: Go to SRD Website at

Step 2: Scroll dow to a section labelled ‘Click here to change your cellphone number or email address’

Step 3: Enter your ID number and application ID and hit ‘Submit’. If you don’t know your application ID, just go to the section where you check your application status, enter you ID and old cellphone number. You will find Application ID.

Step 4: Enter email address if available

Step 5: Enter new cellphone number and hit ‘Submit’

Step 6: Choose a reason for changing the cell number

Step 7: Hit ‘Submit’. You are now done.

How to update details such as mobile number on SRD system.

Question time

What makes you change your cellphone number?

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